Growing up in Israel, as a child in a large family that cooked every day, his course was always set toward a culinary career. It was there where he became familiar with and fell in love with the tastes of the Mediterranean. This Israeli born and raised culinary artist brings an intrinsic passion for the food and wine to Connecticut. Chef Josephs understands the need to be extraordinary – the need to go above and beyond in a all facets of the industry. Chef Josephs is driven by success and an impeccable appreciation for quality and service and is committed to providing creative and exquisite culinary experiences that brings the guest back. His penchant toward guest satisfaction goes without question as he exudes a work ethic that can be compared to few. This hallmark of service has earned him not only the respect of his peers, but more importantly, the community in which he serves.

He had the opportunity to implement his overall vision and follow his passion when he opened Rosemary and Sage in Old Saybrook Connecticut which included a menu centered on Mediterranean cuisine with an Italian influence. Naturally, Chef Josephs prides himself on his allegiance to his cultural heritage and his acute understanding of the exotic herbs and spices that are a signature addition to his cooking.

Now the owner of Mickey’s Restaurant in Hamden, Josephs uses the freshest ingredients and has a long list of daily specials that he prepares from scratch daily. The culinary strength of this establishment and early success is not surprising with his revolving seasonal and regional menus, atmosphere and décor - the perfect mix of fine dining, ambience and comfort.

And then there is me Wendy

I am the quiet one. I can usually be found at the hostess stand or in the office doing schedules, paying bills and scheduling bands and booking parties. People usually tell me I am going straight to heaven. 

Mickey and I have been in the biz for 15 years. We have three children together.

This is Scott. He hasn't been here as long but he wins the contest for working the most hours and he never complains. He is a keeper! 

This is Sue. My right hand girl,the person who keeps things going. She is my head server and the "mom" at Mickey's. Always has a smile and a positive attitude

chef/owner — mickey josephs

These guys make it happen!
Meet Issac our head chef, Jaime, Jose and Juan.

This is James.
He is a 5 year plus.  Gym teacher first, Server second. Those teeth thou. People like him... They think he looks like Ben Stiller/Steve Carrol